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We leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high-level overviews in webwork. Our iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition in your business. 

Web design

Full Stack Development for all your brand or business needs. You dream it, we make it.


Leading SEO services, top-in-class designs for your company, all wrapped up in a branding package that will stay relevant.


PMG is all about increasing your clicks, brand awareness, with the benefit of giving organic results on top.

Working Process

Working with PMG, you are the boss of the project. Tell us what you need and we make it for you no matter how difficult you may think the task. Our designers, programmers, and advertisers get the job done so that you can focus on the most important things your business needs.

Meet The Team

Hire Smart People To Get The Job Done Right

Bryce Parsons

President / CEO

Nathan Scott

Chief Advisor

Adil S.

The Genius


Michael Jewitt

Chief Analytics Officer

Jennifer L.


Timothy Wells

Frontend Dev Engineer and UX/UI Specialist

Chrissie Andrew


张伟 Zhang Wei

Python Script Developer

Crafted to perfection

Our design process will leave you with a end product that everyone will love to use. Our team is there with you every step of the way from creation, to marketing, to consultation.


Get ready

To be amazed

Cloud Based

We make it so you can access your project anywhere with clear instructions on where to go and how to use.


With our network of professionals you get immediate access to real people with extensive experience.


Simple is better and we want to make your website easy to use, your ads easy to understand, and your business even easier to find.


We can help you wherever you are in almost any language you need. Our developers all know more than 5 languages and can make your dream reality.

“I made Parsons Media Group so I could help others start and grow businesses. My greatest motivation is helping others achieve meaningful work and I want to start every day with a company that is better than yesterday.”

-Bryce Parsons

Special offer

Start Your Business With Everything You Need

-Website with 5 Completed Pages

-Domain Of Your Choosing with Managed Hosting

-SEO Optimization Report and Integration

-Branding Kit for SM Logos and Website

-Business Card Mockups

-Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin Page

-Revision Team Walkthrough

-Access Tutorial and Next Step Forward Report

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